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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I enter my imprint?
Your imprint information is entered at Checkout Page 1.
2. How do I add a logo?
The easiest way is to just email it as an attachment to You can give us instructions on placement with the rest of your copy in the email or in the Special Instructions box at Checkout Page 1. We will send you a FREE proof so you will see your layout with your logo before we print your calendars.
If you are computer savy and feeling adventerous on Checkout Page 1 check the Include Your Logo box above the Special Instructions box. Then check the box that corresponds to your file type. You will then click on the Choose File button. Find the file on your computer containing the artwork for your logo. Highlight that file and click on the Open button. Your file will automatically fill in the window to the right of the Choose File button and be attached to your calendar order. You can then choose to added the logo to the Preview box by clicking on the Add To Preview Screen Below button.
3. Where will you put my logo on the imprint?
In the special imprint instructins box you can indicate where you would like the logo placed. If you do not give any special instructions we will have our art department place the logo where it best compliments the rest of the imprint. You will automatically receive a proof on any orders with logos.
4. What if I am having problems getting my order to go through or get an error message?
Contact Customer Service at (800) 452-8337 and they will be happy to assist you will placing your order.
5. Will I get to see my imprint before your print the calendars?
Yes. All new orders or imprints will get a proof at no charge. You can also see what your imprint will look like by clicking Click Here to Preview button on Step 1 page below where you entered your imprint information. If there is a logo it will go in to our art department for proofing. Depending on the style and time of year this will add 1-3 days to the production time of your order.

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