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How To Order

These are the steps to placing your order online::
1. Search for the calendar style you are most interested in. You can search by style or by manufacturer located in the light brown boxes to the left.
2. Click on the selected style of calendar. This will take you the information page on that particular calendar.
3. If you are ready to purchase that calendar style go to the box in the lower right corner and enter the quantity in the box that says Add to Cart.
4. Click on the Add This To My Cart button. You will then see what you have added to your shopping cart.
5. You can either go back to more shopping (which is where you can add optional extras such as envelopes, etc) or click on the Go to Checkout button.
6. At Checkout you will be asked to log in if you are a returning customer, or set up a login profile. This will only take a minute or two, depending on how fast you type. Click on the Submit button.
7. After you login you will go to Step 1 of Checkout, which is where you will enter your imprint information.
8. After you fill out this page you can click on the Click Here to Preview button to see your imprint layout and it will show it to you in real time. You can make any changes and Click to Preview to see your changes instantly. If you have a logo you can upload it on this page (See FAQ below for instructions). When you are satisfied with your layout click the Continue Checkout button.
9. Step 2 will ask for your payment information. After filling in the requested information click on the Continue Checkout button.
10.Step 3 will review all the information you entered and allow you to make any changes through the Edit buttons. If there are no changes click on the Confirm Order button.
11.Congratulation. Your done. If you want a receipt there is a Print Receipt button on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I enter my imprint?
Your imprint information is entered on Checkout Page 2.
2. How do I add a logo?
On Checkout Page 2 click on the Browse button below the Imprint Preview box. Find the file on your computer containing the artwork for your logo. Highlight that file and click on the Open button. Your file will automatically fill in the window to the left of the Browse button and be attached to your calendar order.
3. Where will you put my logo on the imprint?
In the special imprint instructins box you can indicate where you would like the logo placed. If you do not give any special instructions we will have our art department place the logo where it best compliments the rest of the imprint. You will automatically receive a proof on any orders with logos.
4. What if I am having problems getting my order to go through or get an error message?
Contact Customer Service at (800) 452-8337 and they will be happy to assist you will placing your order.
5. Will I get to see my imprint before your print the calendars?
All new orders or imprints will get a proof at no charge. You can see what your imprint will look like by clicking Click Here to Preview button on Step 2 page below where you entered your imprint information. If there is a logo it will go in to our art department for proofing. Depending on the style and time of year this will add 1-5 days to the production time of your order.

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